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Durability of Moissanite

The durability and quality of Moissanite rings are frequently questioned as a relatively new option for engagement rings. We get this question a lot: Does moissanite scratch quickly?

Like moissanite, genuine gemstones of the highest calibre won’t chip or scratch easily. The chemical substance silicon carbide (SiC), which makes up moissanite, is exceptionally resilient and impermeable, making it the ideal stone to serve as an engagement ring or wedding band for a lifetime.

Moissanite is a much better choice than other diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia or crystal. Although these stones may have a similar appearance, they lack the quality needed for long-lasting jewelry. On the Mohs scale, which determines a stone’s hardness, moissanite ranks a 9.25, making it one of the most resilient stones. On the Mohs scale, a diamond is rated as a 10, cubic zirconia measures about an 8, and crystal comes in at about a 7.

Our expert jewellers carefully cut your Moissanite stone to maximize brilliance and highlight its inherent beauty. We source our moissanite of the highest quality, with the best colour and clarity. Our skilled jewellers will expertly cut your Moissanite stone to enhance its inherent beauty and increase its brilliance. We use only the highest-grade, best colour, and clearest moissanite.

You might observe that your ring loses some sparkle with regular use. However, your Moissanite engagement ring will continue to shine and sparkle beautifully for all eternity with good maintenance, just like any other piece of jewelry.

Moissanite is ideal if you’re looking for a cost-effective, ethical substitute for a diamond ring. At The Moissanite Company, we use the best moissanite and combine it with flawless craftsmanship to create your forever ring.

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