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“MoisseniteCZ is dedicated to producing stones that will improve the artwork of our customers in a way that is morally upright, earth-conscious, durable, and cost-effective.”

Since 1962, MoisseniteCZ has been producing crystals and fine jewelry stones of unrivalled quality by expertly fusing age-old tradition with cutting-edge modern technology. The nation that exports the most cubic zirconia stones worldwide, the Czech Republic, is where the company was founded in central Europe. Genuine black spinel, synthetic spinel, synthetic corundum, and crystals are among the products we deal with.

“Because of their exquisite polishing, balance, and harmony in terms of aesthetics, our stones have the highest level of brilliance and have a consistency in colour.”

As we create tomorrow’s jewellery using constantly changing trends, MoisseniteCZ and major developers are in constant communication. Based on this upstream work, our design teams produce a sizable trend report that will assist all jewelry manufacturers in keeping up with and being inspired by the most recent colour and shape trends.

Our six-decade quest to perfect the creation of moissanite gemstones has culminated with the launch of “The Supernova.” Because “The Supernova” was grown utilizing a patented process, its quality is higher than that of other moissanite and cubic zirconia brands. We have used laser engraving techniques to produce beautiful engravings with a  spectacular finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a moment to define “sparkle” before we get started. When it enters, white light is dispersed as it bounces around inside gemstones. It leaves through the cr of the stone and disappears as a flash of color. This produces a stunning, brilliant effect known as “fire.” Gemstones are referred to as “fiery” stones if they have the ability to fragment white light into colorful sparkles. The gems that exhibit fire include diamonds. Because of its distinctive property of having a lot of fire, moissanite stands out. It’s well-known due to this quality. 

Which synthetic stone should you use for your engagement ring if you made a wise choice? However, moissanite rivals or outperforms natural diamonds and cubic zirconia in many crucial areas. How do you decide which to pick?

Consumers frequently use price, colour, brilliance, and durability to evaluate stones. Let’s evaluate how they stack up against one another.

Moissanite is a much better choice than other diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia or crystal. Although these stones may have a similar appearance, they lack the quality needed for long-lasting jewelry. On the Mohs scale, which determines a stone’s hardness, moissanite ranks a 9.25, making it one of the most resilient stones. On the Mohs scale, a diamond is rated as a 10, cubic zirconia measures about an 8, and crystal comes in at about a 7.

Only that aspect of sparkle involves fire. Brilliant and scintillating are two additional essential components. The ability of a gem to reflect only pure white light back to your eye is referred to as “brilliance.” A portion of the white light that enters the stone will reflect back in a single, uninterrupted beam. It is possible to gauge a stone’s ability to reflect pure white light by looking at its refractive index. When you think of a stone’s sparkle, you probably picture fire and brilliance. Together, these two procedures give your stones gorgeous glitter.

The primary difference that could exist is colour. Stones made of moissanite can have a variety of colours, the majority of which are colourless. Because many synthetic diamonds have a slight hint of warmth and are nearly colourless, nearly colourless moissanite stones will resemble natural diamonds more. As moissanite manufacturing technology has advanced over time, many people now favour it over diamonds for its fire and brilliance.

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