moissanite cubic zirconia

What is moissanite

 Let’s take a moment to define “sparkle” before we get started. When it enters, white light is dispersed as it bounces around inside gemstones. It leaves through the cr of the stone and disappears as a flash of color. This produces a stunning, brilliant effect known as “fire.” Gemstones are referred to as “fiery” stones …

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moissanite cubic zirconia

Durability of Moissanite

The durability and quality of Moissanite rings are frequently questioned as a relatively new option for engagement rings. We get this question a lot: Does moissanite scratch quickly? Like moissanite, genuine gemstones of the highest calibre won’t chip or scratch easily. The chemical substance silicon carbide (SiC), which makes up moissanite, is exceptionally resilient and …

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